Growing up democratic : does it make a difference?

Boulder, Colorado : Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2016.
Descripción: xii, 319 páginas : gráficos ; 24 x 16 x 3 cm.

ISBN: 9781626375192

Growing Up Democratic? Robert Mattes, David Denemark, and Richard G. Niemi

Southern Europe : Elite-Led Culture Change Richard Gunther and José Ramón Montero

Latin America : The Modest Dividend of Growing Up Democratic Alejandro Moreno and Marta Lagos

East Asia : Variable Support for Democracy in a Diverse Region John Hsieh and Jih-wen Lin

South Asia : An Arm's Length Embrace of Democracy Sandeep Shastri, Reetika Syal, Suhas Palshikar, and Shreya Sarawgi

Eastern and Central Europe : Growing up Communist, Learning to Be Democratic William Mishler, Richard Rose, and Natalia Matukhno

Sub-Saharan Africa : The Positive Impact of Effective Democracy Robert Mattes

Advanced Democracies : The Erosion of Traditional Democratic Citizenship David Denemark, Todd Donovan, and Richard G. Niemi

The Arab World : The Challenges of Political Islam Eleanor Gao

China : The Impact of Modernization and Liberalization on Democratic Attitudes Min-hua Huang, Yun-han Chu, and Cao Yongrong

Generational Change in Post-Authoritarian Democracies? Robert Mattes, David Denemark, and Richard G. Niemi.

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