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In search of Jefferson's moose : notes on the state of cyberspace

Oxford : Oxford University, 2009.

xv, 244 páginas : ilustraciones, mapas

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From unsustainable to inclusive cities

Geneva : UNRISD, 2004.

xi, 256 páginas

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Software ecosystem : understanding an indispensable technology and industry

Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 2003 copyright.

xiv, 424 páginas : ilustraciones

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The defence industrial base and the west

London : Routlegde, 1989.

x, 288 páginas

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The defense industrial base and the west

London : Routledge, 1989.

x, 288 páginas : ilustraciones

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The path between the seas : the creation of Panama Canal : 1870-1914

New York, N. Y. : Simon and Schuster, 1977 copyright.

698 páginas : ilustraciones, mapas, retratos

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Brasilia, plan and reality : study of planned and spontaneous urban development

Berkeley, California : University of Californbia Press, 1973.

219 páginas

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Vietnamese :Anticolonialism 1885-1925David G. Marr.

Los Angeles,California : University of California Press , 1971.

xix ,322 páginas ,[2] hojas de láminas mapas

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Chile's regional arrangements : the importance of market access and lowering the tariff to six percent

EN: Documentos de trabajo / Banco Central de Chile.(Santiago de Chile).No. 238 (nov. 2003), 24. [5] p., gráfs.

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