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Making a charge for library and information services

London : Aslib, 1994.

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Quality management issues : a selected bibliography for library and information services managers

The Hague, Netherlands : FID: London : British Library Board, 1995.

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Disaster planning for library and information services

London : Aslib, 1995.

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Corporate networking : building channels for information and influece

New York, N.Y. : Free Press, 1986.

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Diseño Web y arquitectura de información para sitios 2.0 = Web design and information architecture for 2.0 sites

EN: Cuadernos de información / Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.(Santiago, Chile).No. 22 (2008-1), p. 44-51.

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European product registration : a review of information systems for chemical products

Luxembourg : Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1996.

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