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New approaches to science and technology cooperation and capacity building
New approaches to science and technology cooperation and capacity building
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New York, N. Y. : United Nations, 1998.
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Sobre el título: United Nations Conference on Trade and Developement.

El volumen corresponde al ATAS Bulletin, no. XI.
New approaches to science and technology capacity-building and cooperation : an overview / by Gloria Veronica Koch, Dieter Koenig [y] Vladimir Pankov -- New dimensions in local enterprise cooperation and development : from clusters to industrial districts / by Peter Knorringa and Jörg Meyer-Stamer -- What do we mean by networking? : selected latin american experiences in cooperation / by Mario Albornoz and María Elina Estébanez -- Beyond competitiveness : a note for reflection / by Padma Mallampally -- Science and technology in Ukraine : a socio-economic development perspective / by Boris Grin'ov, Elena V. Eretskaya and Volodymyr A. Denysyuk -- The role of science and technology parks in the innovation process in the Czech Republic / by Jiri Coupek, Pavel Svejda and Petr Holec -- Institutional transfer in a post-socialist country : the case of the Bay Zoltán Foundation for applied resaearch and its institutes / by Annamária Inzelt -- Promoting brazilian innovation : from invention to commercialization / by Salete María Brisighello and Ana Regina de Holanda Cavalcanti -- Partnership as a tool for internationalization : the experience of finnish smes in cross-national cooperation / by Mervi Salminen -- Selected cases of clustering and partnership in Africa / by Meine Pieter van Dijk -- Cooperation between R & D Institutions and enterprises : the case of the United Republic of Tanzania / by Samule M. Wangwe and Bitrina Diyamett -- R & D community-enterprise cooperation for the application and commercialization of research results in Asia - selected country experiences / by Jürgen Bischoff -- European instruments for technology transfer and the experience of the innovation relaty centres / by Regis Cabral -- Stimulating relations between european and latin american enterprises : a practical policy approach / by Alfonso Molina -- The south-south dimension in partnering : strategic alliances in the biotechnology sector / by Carlos M. Correa -- Forms and implications of inter-firm cooperation : the case of the engineering design and construction services sector / by Yehia Soubra -- International and regional partnership in energy / by Mongi Hamdi -- Fostering technical learning by enterprises in developing countries : some underappreciated policy guideposts / by Dilmus D. James -- Training decision merkers in environmental technology assesment / by Robert Berloznick and Luk van Langenhove -- Public-private partnership for resource efficiency and technology transfer / by Dirk Pilari -- Emerging trends in science and technology cooperation / by Muniratna Anandekrishnan -- Technological capacity-building : the role of intermediary institutions in East Asia / by Mark Dodgson -- The role of governments in promoting inter-firm technology cooperation / by Taffere Tesfachew.
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