Imagen de portada para Paste 2009 : proceedings of the Twelfth International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings : 21-24 April 2009, Viña del Mar, Chile
Paste 2009 : proceedings of the Twelfth International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings : 21-24 April 2009, Viña del Mar, Chile
Paste 2009 : proceedings of the Twelfth International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings : 21-24 April 2009, Viña del Mar, Chile
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Viña del Mar : Gecamin, 2009.
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390 páginas : ilustraciones, diagramas
Shear and Rheology Reduction for Flocculated Thickened Tailings / C. Salinas and R. Martinson -- Factorial Design 2n in Bauxite Tailings Flocculation and Bingham Model for Rheological Characteristics / A.C. de Araujo and G.E.S. Valadão -- Analysis of the Methodologies Used for Quantifying or Setting the Yield Stress of Copper Tailings / P. A. Garrido and R. A. Diaz -- Imaging and Modelling of Fiows of Goid Paste Tailings During Deposition - Laboratory Study and Field Scale Predictions / J. Henriquez, A. Van dervoort and P. Simms -- Evaluation of Ciba RheomaxTM Chemical Technology on Ferrochrome Deposits in Concrete-Lined Tailings Dams / R. R. Daubermann and Z. Fóldvári -- Mineral Paste Comparison Between Copper and Iron Tailis /C. A. Hernández... [et al.] -- 20 Years of AMIRA P266 “lmproving Thickener Technology - How has it Changed the Understanding of Thickener Performance? / P. D. Fawell ...[et al.] -- Paste Thickener Design and Operation Selected to Achieve Downstream Requirements / J. S. Slottee and J. Johnson -- Design and Operation of the Kupol Project Counter-Current Decantation Circuit Using Deep Cone Thickeners / F. Schoenbrunn and C. McCleary -- Geotechnical and Structural Aspects of the Design of a Tailings Thickener / J. L. M. Clemente ...[et al.] -- Polymer Aids for Flocculation of Oil Sands Tailings / X. Wang; Z. Xu and J. H. Masliyah --An Investigation into the Effect of Operational Factors on Tailings Deep Cones Efficiency at Miduk Copper Complex / M. R. Garmsiri and H. Haji Amin Shlrazi -- A Whole Lot of Shaking -Seismic Load Considerations in Thickener Design / E. Hoolmeyer and J. Rosart -- Development and Testing of a Laboratory Scale Paste Thickener / R. H. Olcay Barreda, A. C. de Araujo and G. E. S. Valadão -- Introducing Mathematical Models to Define Settling Curves in Designing Thickeners / R. Garmsiri, H. Hall Amin Shirazi and M. Yahyaei -- Keynote Address: Tailings Management to Optimise Water Losses / A. Robertson -- Integrated Waste Management Strategy / S. Longo, F. Palkovits and K. Clarke-Whistler -- lntegrated Approach to Water Management / N. Kuyucak and F. Palkovits -- Improved Water Consumption at the Sishen Tailings Storage FaciIity Complex / J. C. J. Boshoff and T. Kleinhans -- An Integrated Approach to Paste Thickening and Pumping at the Voorspoed Diamond Mine / M.C. Mulligan, A .J .C. Paterson and F. van Sittert -- Influence of Adverse Slope on Head Loss in a Pipeline Conveying High Concentration Slurry / L. Bernal, J. Rayo and R. Fuentes -- High Density Thickening and Gravity Transportation of Cuajone Tailings / J. H. Figueroa and J. Roman -- Innovative Transport of High Density Thickened Tailings by Means of Hydraulically Actuated MULTISAFE Double Hose-Diaphragm Pump / H. M. Naegel -- Risk-Based Design for Slurry Launders / R. H. A. Janssen -- Hydraulic Transportation of Highly Thickened Solids in Open Channel / B. Domínguez, A. Spichiger and R. Jara -- Proposed Scaling Laws for Laminar FIow of a Bingham Plastic Down an Inclined Plane / C. F. IhIe -- High Density Thickened Tailings Transport by Gravity / E. U. Pornillos, C.C. Loayza and J. A. Cabrelos -- Control and Management of Thickened Tailings Beach - A Simplified Approach / D. Luppnow, J. Moreno and M. Palape -- Evaporation, Unsaturated Flow and Oxidation in Multilayer Deposits of Gold Paste Tailings / B. Fisseha, R. Bryan and P. Simms -- The Effect of Evaporation on Strength and the Stability of Thickened Tailings Beach Slopes / K. D. Seddon and M. J. Dillon -- Large Tailings Disposal - Conventional Versus Paste / J. Rayo, R. Fuentes and R. Orellana -- Keynote Address: Soil Liquefaction and Paste Tailings / K. Been -- Seismic Behaviour of Thickened Gold Tailings / M. Al-Tarhounl, P. Slmms and S. Slvathayalan -- Stability of Large Thickened, Non-Segregated Tailings Slopes / A. L Li…[et al.] -- Undrained Monotonic and Cyclic Response in Thickened Tailings / L. A. Cifuentes and R. Verdugo -- Performance of Composite Paste Barricades at Goldcorp Inc., Red Lake Mine, Ontario, Canada / P. B. Hughes, R. Pakainis and M. Hitch -- Cerro Negro — Assessment of Beach Slope and Indetermination of the Operational Limits of Centrifugal Pumps / S. Barrera and R. Hilis -- Caserones - Option of Tailings Classifying to Improve Water Reclamation / C. Riveros and S. Barrera -- Appraisal of Conventional and Paste Options for the Disposal of Tailings Over the Remaining Life of the Venetia Diamond Mine / H. van der Walt, J. M. Rusconi and P. Goosen -- Paste Fill Plant Designs for Underground Mines - A Comparison of Batch Process and Continuous Process / E. U. Pornillos -- Co-Disposal Plant and Distribution System to Allow the Proper Closure of Exxaro’s Hillendale Mine Site / J. M. Rusconi, P. Goosen and J. Venter -- Increased Water Recovery through the Application of the TTD-Robinsky Method in Chilean Tailings Disposal Operations / R. Valdebenito and R. Valdivia.
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