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The economics of work in Japan
The economics of work in Japan
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Tokyo : LTBC International Library Foundation, 1996.
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xiv, 289 páginas : diagramas
Various Worker Groups. The Self-employed and Employees An Unlimited Supply of Labor -- Examining the Seniority. Wage Legend The Commonly Accepted Views. The Wage Profile and Wage Scale. An International Comparison of Age- Wage Profiles -- Examining the Permanent Employment Theory. Job Separation Rates .International Comparisons of Job Tenure -- The Careers of Workers at Large Companies. Workers at Large American Companies. Starting a Career. Broad OJT -- Intellectual skills. Dealing with Changes and problems. Separated System versus Integrated Systems. Methods of Forming Intellectual Skills. The future of Intellectual Skills -- Current Theories. The Human Capital Theory. Internal Labor Markets. Explaining Job Attachment. Constructing a Career -- Adjustment to Change: Dismissal and Unemployment. Employment Adjustment. Dismissals in Japan -- Workers at Small and Medium-Sized Companies. Wage Differentials by Company Size. Various Views. Skill Formation at Small and Medium-Sized Companies -- Women and Older Workers. Older Workers. Women Workers -- The Transferability Overseas of the Japanese Way of Working. The Issue. Japanese Corporations in the United States and the United Kingdom. Skill Formation in Southeast Asia. Documentation. Technical Cooperation -- College Graduates in Industry. Transferability Abroad. Early Screening System. Promotion within a Japanese Corporation --- Labor Unions in the Workplace. Labor Disputes: An International Comparison. Local Unions In The United States. Works Councils In West Germany. Enterprise Unions In Japan -- Changes in Wage Levels and Unemployment. Wage Levels. Unemployment. Wage Levels. Unemployment. Distribution -- Basic Theory and the Theory of Stages. Basic Theory. The Theory of Labor Types. Stage One - the Age of The Craft Union. Changeover - an Explanation of National Differences.
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