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Renewable energy : power for a sustainable future
Renewable energy : power for a sustainable future
Fourth edition.
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New York : Oxford University Press, 2018.

copyright 2018.
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xvi, 656 páginas : ilustraciones, mapas en color ; 27 x 21 x 4 cm.
Chapter 1. Introducing renewable energy / Stephen Peake and Bob Everett -- Chapter 2. Thermodynamics, heat engines and heat pumps / Bob Everett -- Chapter 3. Solar thermal energy / Bob Everett -- Chapter 4. Solar photovoltaics / Godfrey Boyle and Bob Everett -- Chapter 5. Bioenergy / Jonathan Scurlock, Caspar Donnison, Astley Hastings, Kevin Lindegaard and Hazel Smith -- Chapter 6. Hydroelectricity / Janet Ramage and Bob Everett -- Chapter 7. Tidal power / David Elliott and Mark Knös -- Chapter 8. Wind energy / Derek Taylor -- Chapter 9. Wave energy / Les Duckers and Ned Minns -- Chapter 10. Deep geothermal energy / James P. Warren -- Chapter 11. Integrating renewable energy / Bob Everett, Godfrey Boyle, Jonathan Scurlock and David Elliott -- Chapter 12. Renewable energy futures / Stephen Peake and Bob Everett -- Appendix A: Energy arithmetic -a quick reference. Appendix B: Levelized costs of renewable energy.
An interdisciplinary approach brings together economic, social, environmental, and policy issues to give you a holistic view of this multi-faceted subject area. Chapters explore the full range of renewable energy technologies, including: solar thermal; solar photovoltaics; bioenergy (in all its forms); hydroelectricity; tidal power; wind energy; wave energy; and deep geothermal energy. Beautiful illustrations augment the text, while tables, boxed examples and online end-of-chapter exercises enrich your learning experience. New to this edition: a new chapter on thermodynamics provides a useful primer for understanding renewable heat energy technologies; an updated chapter explores the status of challenges and opportunities for the integration of renewable energy technologies in rapidly evolving electric grid systems; a new chapter on renewable energy futures looks ahead to potential developments in this ever-advancing field; [and] enhanced pedagogy that includes more comprehensive chapter summaries.
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