The asset management industry in the United States

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Nombre Personal: Epstein, Gerald A.

Variantes del nombre: Epstein, Gerald Alfred

País con que se identifica: Estados Unidos

Area de desempeño: Economía

Instituciones asociadas: CEPAL

Profesión y/u ocupación: Consultores

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This paper describes the dimensions and activities of the asset management industry in the United States locating the industry in the global context. It also discusses the evolution of asset management strategies utilized by the industry, setting up the discussion of the potential risks associated with this set of strategies and identifies the potential risks to the industry and explore the overall risks they raise for the global financial system. Finally, it provides regulatory responses to deal with these potential problems and briefly summarizes some suggested modifications of regulations to address these shortcomings.



1. Dimensions and activities of the asset management industry in the United States in an international context

2. A longer run perspective of the growth of asset management companies in the United States

3. The evolution of financial management strategies

4. Financial stability implications of the evolution of the asset management industry

5. Policies to address financial stability risks

6. Summary and Conclusions.

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