Integrating Latin America and the Caribbean : potential effects of removing tariffs and streamlining non-tariff measures

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Nombre Personal: Durán Lima, José Elías

Variantes del nombre: Durán, José Elías

Lima, José Elías Durán

Nombre Personal: Dolabella, Marcelo

País con que se identifica: Chile

Area de desempeño: International trade

Instituciones asociadas: United Nations. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. Divisi�

Profesión y/u ocupación: Consultants

This study analyses the impact of reducing intraregional trade barriers in the context of a free trade agreement in Latin America and the Caribbean. It concludes that a full tariff reduction and elimination of non-tariff measures would have positive impacts on trade, production, welfare and employment across the region.



1. Tariff protection

2. Non-tariff measures (NTMs)

3. Estimated bilateral total protection

4. A Latin American Free Trade Agreement (FTA): incorporating NTMs into a CGE framework



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