United States supply chains resiliency : the key role Latin America and the Caribbean could play

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Nombre Personal: Artecona, Raquel

Nombre Personal: Jorge, María Fabiana

This paper focuses on the impact on three industries to exemplify the disruption that took place in supply chains during the global pandemic; and the measures taken by the United States government to confront the disruption in the short run and protect the health and livelihood of its citizenry.


Covid-19 pandemic disruptions and the United States response. The North American automotive supply chain. The food supply chain. Fisheries assistance. The medical supplies and equipment value chain. COVID-19 related medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceutical products. Beyond Covid-19: United States imports of pharmaceutical products and antibiotics. Dependency on APIs from China: an issue of national security in the United States and beyond

Proposed solutions. Is there an opportunity for Latin America? The Latin America pharmaceutical market and industry. United States Imports of Pharmaceuticals from the region.

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