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Poets and pundits : essays and addresses

London : Jonathan Cape, 1947.
Descripción: 319 páginas ; 20 cm.

Three addresses : The testimony of Tolstoy. Whitman's mysticism. The augustan citadel

Poets and poetry : The cult of symbolism. Gerard Hopkins: a centenary tribute. The conflict of priest and poet in Hopkins. The dreaming mind. Christian verse. Donne's holy sonnets. Dorothy Wordsworth. Coleridge: an obituary. The death theme in Rilke's life and poetry. A note on Rilke and the first world war. Post-renaissance man. The hiden Tennyson. Edmund Blunden's later poetry

The realm of spirit : Kierkegaard and the present age. Santayana's philosophy and some critical afterthoughts. Thomas Paine and the Bible. The poetics of religion. 'Be not anxious ...' Thoughts on the Dhammapada. Rabindranath Tagore. What is man? 'The dream of Ravan'. Science and the self. The quest of the true act.

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