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State sovereignty as social construct

Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1996.
Descripción: xiii, 298 páginas : diagramas

ISBN: 0521565995

The social construction of state sovereignty Thomas J. Biersteker and Cynthia Weber

Contested sovereignty: the social construction of colonial imperialism David Strang

Beyond the sovereignty dilemma: quasi-states as social construct Naeem Inayatullah

The sovereignty state system as political-territorial ideal: historical and contemporary considerations Alexander B. Murphy

Sovereignty and the nation: constructing yhe boundaries of national identity Roxanne Lynn Doty

Sovereignty, nationalism, and regional order in the Arab states system Michael Barnett

Binding sovereigns: authorities, structures, and geopolitics in Philadelphian systems Daniel Deudney

Hierarchy under anarchy: informal empire and the East German state Alexander Wendt and Daniel Friedheim

Reconstructing the analysis of sovereignty: concluding reflections and directions for future research Cynthia Weber and Thomas J. Biersteker

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