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Cowden, Roy W. (compilado)

The writer and his craft

Ann Arbor, Mich. : University of Michigan, 1957 impresión.
Descripción: 297 páginas ; 21 cm.

Literature and animal faith by Robert Morss Lovett

Literature in an age of science by Max Eastman

Writing as design by Zona Gale

Literature versus opinion by Henry Hazlitt

A successor to Mark Twain Christopher Morley

American drama versus literatures by Walter Prichard Eaton

The first american man of letters : Benjamin Franklin by Carl van Doren

The american tradition in contemporary literature by Henry Seidel Canby

On counting your chickens before they hatch by Edward Weeks

Poetry as primitive language by John Crowe Ransom

The modern mode in literature by Mary M. Colum

Popular and unpopular poetry in America by Louise Bogan

The unreality of realism by Struthers Burt

Towards american cultural maturity by Harlan Hatcher

The themes of Robert Frost by Robert Penn Warren

The writer's responsibility by J. Donald Adams

The responsibilities of the critic by F. O. Matthiessen

In defense of a writing career by Norman Cousins

The possible importance of poetry by Mark van Doren

Dramatic art in poetry by Horace Gregory.

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