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New roles and challenges for information professionals in the business environment : papers presented at FID Information for Industry Conferences and Seminars from 1993-1994

The Hague, Netherlands : FID, 1996.
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ISBN: 9266007129

How best to find and fulfil business information needs Roger Bowes

Information technology chages the way people, our customers, work: does this change information management? Karl Kalseth

Strategic management and information needs Reima Suomi

Defining your information needs: a creative approach Carl-Gustav Rosén

Knowledge-based systems for strategic management Christer Carlsson and Pirkko Walden

Innovative products for the benefit of business activities and industry development: What, how, when, to whom? Examples from México Jaime Pontigo

Executive information systems (EISs) and information quality Bj²rn Ove Bj²rnstad and Karl Kalseth

Information search behaviour during business gestation Jon Arild Johannessen and Lars Kolvereid

Reaching out to upper management: what messages do we send and how? ªWhat do we get back? Ina Brown

A strategic approach to information center support of business activities Jean G. Mayhew

Planning of innovative products in the information center: forming partnerships Barbie E. Keiser

The FID information for industry committee (FID/II) Karl Kalseth.

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