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Information management in small medium -sized enterprises

The Hague, Netherlands : FID, 1998.
Descripción: 64 páginas

ISBN: 926600717X

Information in organizations - Directions for information management Joyce Kirk

EIS' and SMEs: Electronic Information Systems and the Information Needs of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Helge Clausen

Usage of business information in Estonia and Lithuania Sirje Virkus and Elena Maceviciute

Study on information needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland and Hungary Barbara Stefaniak, Anna Grzecznowska, Emilia Mostowicz and Gabriella Alföldi Dán

Make-up and management of the small business information support system in Russia Svetlana Jashukova, Dimitri Sarkissian, Oleg Nesterov

The deployment of information technology by small and medium-sized enterprises in R.O.C. Paul S. Cheng and Teresa M. Lin.

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