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Banking, financial integration, and international crises

Santiago, Chile : Central Banks of Chile, 2002.
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ISBN: 9567421072

Banking, financial integration, and international crises: an overview Leonardo Hernández and Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

Financial intermediation and growth: causality and causes Ross Levine, Norman Loayza and Thorsten Beck

Politics and the determinants of banking crises: the effects of political checks and balances Philip Keefer

Financial regulation and performance: cross-country evidence James R. Barth, Gerard Caprio Jr. and Ross Levine

Do depositors punish banks for bad behavior? market discipline, deposit insurance María Soledad Martínez-Peria and Sergio Schmukler

Some measures of financial fragility in the chilean banking system: an early warning indicators application Antonio Ahumada C. and Carlos Budnevich L.

Capital inflows, credit booms and macroeconomic vulnerability: the cross-country experience Leonardo Hernández and Oscar Landerretche

Asset prices in Chile: facts and fads Raphael Bergoeing, Felipe Morandé and Raimundo Soto

Overshootings and reversals: the role of monetary policy Ilan Goldfajn and Poonam Gupta

Japanese banking problems: implications for southeast Asia Joe Peek and Eric S. Rosengren

Market discipline and exuberant foreign borrowing Eduardo Fernández-Arias and Davide Lombardo

Capital controls in Chile: were they effective? Francisco Gallego, Leonardo Hernández and Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

The 1997-98 liquidity crisis: Asia versus Latin America Roberto Chang and Andrés Velasco.

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