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Continuing professional education for the information society : the Fith world conference on continuing professional education for the library and information science professions

München : K.G. Saur, 2002.
Descripción: 263 páginas

ISBN: 3598218303

CPE: Developing tomorrow's leaders. Filling the empty chair: sucession planning strategies for senior information management posts in higher education Christine Abbott. Staff development and continuing professional education: policy and practice in australian academic and research libraries Ian W. Smith. Retooling cataloguers and indexers for the information and knowledge management society: a needs assessment for continuing professional education in the UK and the US Patricia A. Lawton. Opportunities and strategies for continuing professional education in India through distance mode Dinesh K. Gupta and S.B. Ghosh. The SEFLIN technology program: linking lifelong staff learners through continuing professional education Bruce E. Massis. Knowledge management and information literacy: a new partnership in the workplace? Jan Houghton and Sue Halbwirth. Cognitive apprenticesships in education for information leteracy Penny Moore and Nicki Page. Teachers continuing professional education in information literacy: The case study of french secondary schools Viviane Couzinet . Learning to learn: an ICT traiting model to support ongoing prefessional develoopment and change in school libraries Dorothy Williams. Information literacy for mere mortals Susie Andretta

Information literacy: helping librarians apply the research to teaching information skills to patrons: the importance the human interface David V. Loertscher and Blanche Woolls

Developing global CPE. East-West co-operation between bio-medical university libraries: information skills for albanian libratians Elisabetta Marinoni, Pierangela Mazzon and Maurizio Tiziano Moretto. Local touch, global reach: transborder CPE in Texas-Mexico Barbara Immorth. Promotion of the information research in the Republic of South Africa, DISSA-net: 1988-2000 in a social and intercultural perspective Irene Wormell. Special libraties Association's Global 2000 Conference Leads to cration of a community of practice for developing country librarians: a case study Sue O'Neill Johnson and Judith J. Field. Global continuing professional education via the web: the challenge of internationasation Anna H. Perraultand Vicki L. Gregory. Continuing education for LIS professionals in Canada Fiona Back ... et al. Successful faculty participation in distance education : what research and experience can teach us Pamela P. Barron. Developing a model for web enhanced continuing education programs for LIS professionals Uma Kanjilal. Learning to teach in the virtual world Lynne Rudasill. Web based LIS education: potential and feasibility of regional models Kornelija Petr, Redovan Vrana and Tajana Aparac. Digital professional education for digital librarians Alastair G. Smith. CPE Anywhere anytime: online resources for the information society Lesley Moyo

Quality issues in CPE. Quality control and assurance for continuing professional education Jana Varlejs. Chasing certificates: problems of CPE Assesment and quality assurance within the south african national qualifications framework Clare M. Walker. Continuing professional education as an ethical issue Jitka Hurych.

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