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Global governance : critical perspectives

London : Routledge, 2002.
Descripción: xxii, 240 páginas

ISBN: 0415268389 (râustica)

Global governance: a preliminary interrogation Rorden Wilkinson

Reforming the international financial architecture: the new political agenda Randall D. Germain

The mother of all governments: the World Bank'a matrix for global governance Paul Cammack

Global environmental governance Lorraine Elliott

Global governance, human right and the "problem" of culture Stephanie Lawson

Global health governance: a conceptual review Richard Dodgson and Kelley Lee

Global governance and human security Caroline Thomas

Global governance and poverty reduction: the case of microcredit Heloise Weber

Coming in from the cold: labour, the ILO and the international labour standards regime Steve Hughes

International labour and its emerging role in global governance: regime fusion, social protection, regional integration and production volatility Nigel Haworth

The contours of courtship: the WTO and civil society Rorden Wilkinson

Lessons from Greeham Common peace camp: alternative approaches to global governance Lucy James.

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