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Public policy : the essential readings

New Jersey : Prentice Hall, 1995.
Descripción: xii, 402 páginas : diagramas

ISBN: 0130592552

The contemporary language of public policy: a starting point Stella Z. Theodoulou

Political science and public policy Paul A. Sabatier

Distribution, regulation, redistribution: the functions of government Theodore J. Lowi

Symbols and political quiescence Murray Edelman

The analysis of public policy: a search for theories and roles Robert H. Salisbury

With the consent of all Robert A. Dahl

Issue networks and the executive establishment Hugh Heclo

Imperfect competition Ralph Miliband

Group politics and representative democracy David B. Truman

The power elite C. Wright Mills

How public policy is made Stella Z. Theodoulou

Issues and agendas Roger W. Cobb and Charles D. Elder

Agenda setting John W. Kingdon

The science of "muddling through" Charles E. Lindblom

Nonincremental policy making Paul R. Schulman

The implementation as evolution Giandomenico Majone and Aaron Wildavsky

A conceptual framework of the implementation process Paul A. Sabatier and Daniel A. Mazmanian

The role of evaluation in public policy David Nachmias

Trends in policy analysis Stuart Nagel

The politics of public budgets Irene S. Rubin

The players: institutional and noninstitutional actors in the policy process Matthew A. Cahn

Congress: keystone of the Washington establishment Morris Fiorina

Congress: the electoral connection David Mayhew

The presidential policy stream Paul Light

The two presidencies Aaron Wildavsky

The rise of the bureaucracy and economics Kenneth J. Meier

Appellate courts as policy makers Laurence Baum

Towards an imperial judiciary? Nathan Glazer

News that matters Shanto Iyengar and Donald Kinder

Processing the news: how people tame the information tide Doris Graber

Parties the government and the policy process Samuel J. Eldersveld

The avocacy explotion Jeffrey M. Berry

The consultant corps Larry J. Sabato

Platying the policy game Matthew A. Cahn

An economic interpretation of the constitution Charles Beard

The federalist papers Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay

Political repressin inthe United States Michael Rogin

Democracy and capitalism Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis

Capitalism and freedom Milton Friedman

Presidential power Richard Neustadt

Constructing the political spectacle Murray Edelman

Apreface to economic democracy Robert A. Dahl

Who rules america now? G. William Domhoff.

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