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Investing in innovation : creating a research and innovation policy that works

Cambridge : The MIT Press, 1999.
Descripción: xix, 516 páginas

ISBN: 0262024462

Challenges to technology policy in a changing world economy Lewis M. Branscomb and Richard Florida

Technology policy and economic growth Michael Borrus and Jay Stowsky

Measurement issues Adam B. Jaffe

Social capital: a key enabler of innovation Jane E. Fountain

From science policy to research policy Lewis M. Branscomb

The advanced technology program: opportunities for enhancement Christopher T. Hill

Dual-Use and te technology reinvestment project Linda R. Cohen

Rethinking the small business innovation research program Scott J. Wallsten

Technology transfer and the use of Gradas at the National Institutes of Health David H. Guston

Manufacturing extension: performance, challenges, and policy issues Philip Shapira

Toward a new generation of environmental technology George R. Heaton, Jr. and R. Darryl Banks

Federal energy research and development for the challenges of the 21st century John P. Holdren

Beyond the national information infrastructure initiative Brian Kahin

University Industry relations: the next four years and beyond Harvey Brooks and Lucien P. Randazzese

Industry consortia Daniel Roos, Frank Field, and James Neely

State governments: partners in innovation Christopher M. Coburs and Duncan M. Brown

Managing technology policy at the white house David M. Hart

Towards a research and innovation policy Lewis M. Branscomb and James H. Keller.

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