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Kellogg on integrated marketing

United States of America : John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2003.
Descripción: xxi, 314 páginas : ilustraciones, diagramas

ISBN: 0471204765

Evolving marketing and marketing communications into the twenty-first century Don E. Schulz

Overview of Kellogg on integrated marketing Dawn Iacobucci and Bobby J. Calder

What is integrated marketing? Bobby J. Calder and Edward C. Malthouse

The tao of customer loyalty : getting to "my brand, my way" Tom Collinger

Using interaction maps to create brand experiences and relationships Andrew J. Razeghi and Bobby J. Calder

Integrated marketing and the consumer experience |r Lisa Fortini-Campbell

Strategies for viral marketing |r Maria Flores Letelier, Charles Spinosa, and Bobby J. Calder

Acquiring the right customers Lisa A. Petrison and Paul Wang

Database sub-segmentation Edward C. Malthouse

Customer profitability and diagnosing a customer portfolio Francis J. Mulhern

Decision-guidance systems Nigel Hopkins, Adam Duhachek, and Dawn Iacobucci

Scoring models Edward C. Malthouse

Integrating marketing and the web Eric G. Berggren, Bobby J. Calder, and Richard I. Kolsky

An illustration of integrated marketing Bobby J. Calder

Reflections on becoming a great marketing organization Stephen Burnett.

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