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Newspapers in International Librarianship

München : K. G. Saur, 2003.
Descripción: 260 páginas : ilustraciones

ISBN: 3598218370

Newspaper production technology today and in the 20 years to come Juhanni Allard-Kurikka

Development of the Swedish press and journalism since the Thirty Years War until today Ingemar Oscarsson

The newspaper collection of the Lenin State Library and its opening and access Olga Yadykina

Periódicos cubanos : adquisición, conservación y acceso Teresita Morales Martínez and Kenia Franco Hevia

Colección, conservación y difusión de periódicos de la Biblioteca Nacional de Chile Ursula Schädlich Sch.

German influence on the press in China Hartmut Walravens

The newspaper collection of the National Library of China, its use and prospect Yu Shujie

Les débuts de la presse en France Pierre Albert

News and modernization : newspaper structure and developments in the earliest stages of the Scandinavian press Jette Drachmann Sollinge

The digitisation of the Burney Collection of Early Newspapers at the British Library Graham Jefcoate

Brazilian history through journalism Celia Ribeiro Zaher and Maria Angelica Varella

Print, language and identity : newspapers in Wales since 1804 Aled Jones.

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