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e-Government and e-democracy : progress and challenges

México : Instituto Politécnico Nacional. Centro de Investigación en Computación, 2003.
Descripción: 206 páginas : diagramas

ISBN: 9703601529

Implementing electronic government: the eGOIA Proyect Jarbas L. Cardoso... [et al.]

CoGPlat: using composition to enable collaborative e-Government services Ivo J. G. dos Santos and Edmundo R. M. Madeira

Integrating spanish autonomous parliaments: a model of E-Government, issues and technologies support Elena Sánchez-Nielsen, Chávez-Gutierrez and J. Ignacio Rodríguez-León

Engineerg knowledge-intensive tasks in public organisations Alvaro E. Arenas, Simon C. Lambert and Alistair J. Miles

A web-based system for supporting structured collaboration in the public sector Nikos Karacapilidis, Euripides Loukis and Stavros Dimopoulos

User-centered design for empowered e-citizens Markus Klann

Tecnologies for political representation and accountability Enric Plaza

A modal logic for reasoning under the good faith principle Clara Smith and Ana María Monteiro

Creating dialogue in an effective democracy-the danish case Arvid Bro Thuestad

Legal and social issues in electronic voting. Report on the catalan essays during the elections of november, 2003 Jordi Barrat i Esteve and Josep Maria Reniu i Vilamata

How electronic voting can escape arrow's impossibility theorem Jean-Luc Koning

Online voting: a legal perspective Mieke Loncke and Jos Dumortier

E-Cognocracy: combining e-Democracy with knowledge networks José María Moreno-Jiménez and Wofgang Polasek

eGovernment and identity management: a signature coding method for PIN generation Cristina Urdiales... [et al.]

Legal engineering: a knowledge engineering approach to improving legal quality Tom M. van Engers.

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