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The Unidroit convention on international interests in mobile equipment : real rights from international and national perspectives.


EN: European review of private law =Revue europeenne de droit prive = Europaische zeitschrift fur privatrecht.(Belgie : The Nettherlands).Vol.12, no.1 (2004), 140 p.

The convention of cape town: the creation of international interests in mobile equipment B. Patrick Honnebier and J. Michael Milo

The new regimen: its history and future after South Africa Martin J. Stanford

The international interest as an autonomous property interest Roy Goode

The regimen of the railway rolling stock protocol Howard Rosen

The protocol on matters specific to space assets Olivier M. Ribbelink

The dutch real rights can be the basis of international interests under the convention of cape town, just like their equivalent american security interests B. Patrick Honnebier

Should we ratify the convention on international interests in mobile equipment and the air equipment protocol? Some remarks from a dutch point of view Arthur F. Salomons

The UNIDROIT Convention on international interests in mobile equipment: a Belgian perspective Vicent Sagaert

The cape town convention: a model for a european system of security interests registration? Sjef van Erp

Cour de cassation française, 2e chambre civile, 4 juillet 2002. On the Assumption of risk

Report on the Symposium "Information Rights and Obligations. The Impact on Party Autonomy and Contractual Fairness", University of Münster, 21-22 November 2003 Dionysios Kelesidis.

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