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Summary records of the proceedings : Mexico City (Mexico), 15-23 April 2004

New York : Inter-Parliamentary Union, 2004.
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ISBN: 929142207X

Inaugural ceremony

Organisation of the work of the conference

General debate on the political, economic and social situation in the world with the overall theme of "Reconciliation and partnership"

Special addresses

Panel discussion on human rights: a casualty of the fight against terrorism

Promoting international reconciliation, helping to bring stability to regions of conflict, and assistingn with post-conflict reconstruction

Working towards an equitrable environment for international commerce: the issues of trade in agricultural products and the access to basic medicines

Furthering parliamentary democracy in order to protect human rights and encourage reconciliation among peoples and partnership among nations

The role of parliaments in stopping acts of violence, and the building of the separation wall, in order to create conditions conductive ti peace and a lasting solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (emergency item)

Report of the standing committees and adoption of the resolutions

Amendments to the statutes and rules of the Inter-Paliamentary Union

Approval of the agenda of the 111th IPU Assembly and appointment of the rapporteurs

Closure of the assembly.