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Truth and reconciliation commission of South Africa report

Cape Town, South Africa : La Comisión, 1998.
Descripción: 5 volúmenes : ilustraciones, diagramas

ISBN: 0620230851

v.1. Chairperson's foreword D.M. Tutu. Historical context. Setting up the commission. The mandate. Concepts and principles. Methodology and process. Legal challenges. The destruction of records. Report of the chief executive officer. Administrative reports of statutory committees. Management & operational reports. Regional reports. Addenda

v.2. National overview. The state outside South Africa between 1960 and 1990. The state inside South Africa between 1960 and 1990. The liberation movements from 1960 to 1990. The homelands from 1960 to 1990. Special investigation:. The death of president Samora Machel. Special investigation: Helderberg Crash. Special investigation: Chemical and biological warfare. Special investigation: Secret state funding. Special investigation: Secret burials and exhumations. Special investigation: Mandela United football club. Political violence in the era of negotiations and transition (1990-94)

v.3. Introduction. Regional profile: Eastern Cape. Regional profile: Natal & Kwazulu. Regional profile: orange free state. Regional profile. Western Cape. Regional profile: transvaal

v.4. Introduction. Institutional hearing: business and labour. Institutional hearing: the faith community. Institutional hearing: the legal community. Institutional hearing: the health sector. Institutional hearing: the media. Institutional hearing: prisons. Institutional hearing: compulsory military service. Institutional hearing: children and youth. Special hearing: women

v.5. Analysis of gross violations of human rights. Victims of gross violations of human rights. Interim report of the amnesty committee. Consequences of gross violations of human rights. Reparation and rehabilitation policy. Findings. Causes, motives and perspectives of perpetrators. Recommendations.Reconciliation.

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