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Fantastic voyage : live long enough to live forever

[Emmaus, Pa.] : Rodale ; 2004 copyright.
Descripción: xii, 452 páginas : ilustraciones

You can live long enough to live forever

The bridges to come

Our oersonal journeys .. Food and water

Carbohydrates and the glycemic load

Fat and protein

You are what you digest

Change your weight for life in one day

The problem with sugar (and insulin)

Ray's personal program

The promise of genomics

Inflammation. The latest "smokin gun"

Methylation. Critically important to your health

Cleanning up the mess: toxins and detoxification

The real cause of heart disease and how to prevent it

The prevention and early detection of cancer

Terry's personal program

Your brain: the power of thinking ... and of ideas

Hormones of aging, hormones of youth

Other hormones of youth: sex hormones

Aggressive supplementation

Keep moving: the power of exercise

Stress and balance.

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