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In defense of globalization

New York : Oxford University Press, 2004.
Descripción: xi, 308 páginas

ISBN: 0195170253 (cloth : alk. paper)

Coping with anti-globalization: Anti-globalization: Why?. Globalization: Socially, not just economically, Benign. Globalization is good but not good enough. Non-governmental organizations

Globalization's human face: Trade and corporations: Poverty: enhanced or diminished?. Child labor: increased or reduced?. Women: harmed or helped?. Democracy at bay?. Culture imperiled or enriched?. Wages and labor standards at stake?. Environment in peril?. Corporations: predatory or Beneficial?

Other dimensions of globalization: The perils of gung-ho lnternational financial capitalism. International flows of humanity

Appropriate governance: making globalization work better. Appropriate governance: An Overview. Coping with downsides. Accelerating the achievement of social agendas. Managing transitions: Optimal, not maximal, speed


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