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Smart home hacks : [tips & tools for automating your house]

Sebastopol : O'Reilly, 2005.
Descripción: xxi, 376 páginas : ilustraciones

ISBN: 0596007221

A foot in the front door. Know the X10 address. Turn on a light. Keep watch with motion detectors. Turn on the lights when you enter a room. Ring a bell to alert the house.Control the uncontrollable. Unplug your computer. Add a brain to your smart home. Get to know XTension. Get to know Indigo. Get to know HomeSeer. Sync with the sun. Choose the right controller. Maintain an X10 Library. Welcome to the state machine

Office. Remember important events. Keep the lights on while you work. Know who's calling. Send pager messages. Broadcast messages on your home network. Phone your home. Control your home with Phlink. Silence the house when you're on the phone

Kitchen and bath. Brew your morning cofee. Detect the beer thief. Install a kitchen terminal. Install a home TV server. Control your heating remotely. Monitor the refrigerator door. Detect flooding. Monitor the litter box. Avoid battery memory problems

Bedroom. Educate your alarm clock. Put the house to sleep for the night. Lighting for insomniacs. Adjust lights as the sun rises. Simulate a sunrise. Outdo Big Ben

Garage and yard. Monitor your driveway. Know if the garage door is open. Control your garage door. Control your home from your car. Use indoor modules in the great outdoors. Control outdoor lighting. Get the weather. Safely water the garden. Adapt sprinkler schedules and solar water heating to available sunlight

Security. Check for an empty home. Know who's home. Avoid false intrusion alarms. Nobody here but us ghosts. Send notifications of home events. Who's there? Secure your construction site. Monitor your summer home. Protect outdoor cameras. Know when windows and doors are open. Unite your alarm and home automation systems. Monitor your home with a network camera

Advanced techniques. Improve the response time of motion detectors. Check for dead motion detector batteries. Outsmart motion detectors. Harness your hamster to power a night light. Get more out of your motion detectors. Chart home automation data. Control lightain a group. Calculate elapsed time. Identify trouble spots. Control your home from a web browser. Which way did she go?

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