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Bioinformatics computing

Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall/Professional Technical Reference, 2003 copyright.
Descripción: xxii, 439 páginas : ilustraciones

ISBN: 0131008250 (pbk.)

The central dogma: The killer application. Parallel universes. Watson's definition.Top-down versus bottom-up. Information flow. Convergence

Databases: Definitions. Data management. Data life cycle. Databas e technology. Interfaces. Implementation

Networks: Geographical scope. Communications models transmissions technology protocols. Bandwidth. Topology. Hardware. Contents. Security. Ownership. Implementation. Management. On the horizon

Search engines: The search process. Search engine technology. Searching and information theory. Computational methods. Search engines and knowledge management. On the horizon

Data visualization: Sequence visualization. Structure visualization. User interface. Animation versus simulation. General-purpose technologies. On the horizon

Statistics: Statistical concepts. Microarrays. Imperfect data. Basics. Quantifying randomness. Data analysis. Tool selection. Statistics of alignment. Clustering and classification. On the horizon

Data mining: Methods. Technology overview. Infrastructure. Pattern recognition and discovery. Machine learning. Text mining. Tools. On the horizon

Pattern matching: Fundamentals. Dot ma trix analysis. Substitution matrices. Dynamic programming. Word methods. Bayesian methods. Multiple sequence alignment. Tools. On the horizon

Modeling and simulation: Drug discovery. Fundamentals. Protein structure. Systems biology. Tools. On the horizon

Collaboration: Collaboration and communications. Standards. Issues. On the horizon.

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