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The idea of consciousness : synapses and the mind

Amsterdam : Harwood Academic Publishers, 1997.
Descripción: xi, 176 páginas : ilustraciones, diagramas

ISBN: 9057022036

An Introduction to Consciousness and the Brain. Erwin Schrodinger' s What is Life ?. The problem of consciousness approached through vision. The origin of holistic experiences in consciousness. The loss of specific elements of consciousness through disease and stroke Neuronal growth factors for the regeneration of nerve connections. The restoration of memory processes by neural transplants into the brain. The idea of consciousness References

Syntax, Semantics and Qualia in Consciousness. The idea of brain and mind: Descartes and Kant. The neuronal basis of syntax: Allan Turing and David Marr. The neuronal basis of semantics: Wittgenstein and Searle. The neuronal basis of qualia: Edelman and Dennett

The Holistic Nature of Consciousness. Neuronal groups and 40 Hz oscillations of neuronal activity. Neuronal groups participate in the solution of the binding problem in the visual cortex. The dynamic coupling of neuronal groups. Paying attention Consciousness as a global map of neuronal groups

The Consciousness of Muscular Effort and Movement. The simplest nervous system. Humphrey's concept of the evolution of the sentient loop. The modification of sensory signals before they reach consciousness. Collateral effects can be used to generate sensations. The consciousness of time. Brain activity in the absence of behavior. The evolution of the collateral effect. Consciousness as a consequence of the sentient loop

The Distortion of Consciousness. Introduction. Imaging brain functions related to consciousness. Problems with interpreting brain images related to consciousness. Brain images during the distortions of consciousness that accompany schizophrenia. The dopaminergic hypothesis for the distortions of consciousness that accompany schizophrenia. Dopamine receptor molecules and the alleviation of the distortions of consciousness. The site of the lesion in the schizophrenic brain and the distortion of consciousness. What does schizophrenia reveal about the origins of consciousness?

The Evolution of Consciousness. Introduction. Evolution of the brain. The site of visual consciousness in the primate brain: blindsight. At what point during evolution of the brain do synchronized 40 Hz oscillations first appear in the telencephalon?. At what point during evolution of the brain do PET and fMRI studies indicate psychophysical parallels with Homo sapiens?. Is there visual consciousness in amphibia?. Evolution of the emotional centers of the brain

Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics. Quantum mechanics. Bohr' s interpretation of Schrodinger' s wave equation. Bohm's interpretation of Schrodinger's wave equation. Gell- Mann and Zurek' s interpretation of Schrodinger' s wave equation. The concept of non-local reality in quantum mechanics Ideas concerning the operation of non-local reality in the brain: the origins of consciousness?.

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