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Bound by recognition

Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, 2003 copyright.
Descripción: xiii, 284 páginas

ISBN: 0691113823 (pbk. : alk. paper)

The problem of recognition

From recognition to acknowledgment. Sovereignty, identity, and action. The nature and sources of injustice. Recognition and the state. The politics of acknowledgment

The distinguishing Mark: Taylor, Herder, and sovereignty. Two uses of "recognition". Taylor on agency and language. "Ha! You're the bleating one!". Sovereignty through recognition. Recognition as misrecognition

Tragic recognition: action and identity in Antigone and Aristotle. Recognition and anagnórisis. Sophocles' Antigone and Aristotle's poetics. The pursuit of recognition in the Antigone. "An imitation not of persons but of action". The impropriety of action in the Antigone. Anagnórisis and acknowledgment

The abdication of independence: on Hegel's phenomenology. Hegel's two voices. The antigone in the phenomenology. The abdication of independence. Subordination, or the weight of contradiction. Hegel's antifeminism and polyneices' shield. Recognition beyond the phenomenology

Double binds: Jewish emancipation and the sovereign state. The mediating power of the state? Beyond "on the Jewish question". "a way to strike them dead". Hegel, emancipation, and sovereignty. The contradictions of emancipation. Recognition's double binds

The slippery slope: multiculturalism as a politics of recognition. Recognition beyond monoculturalism. Kymlicka and the right to culture. The rhetoric of multiculturalism. Negotiating the slippery slope. The limits of multicultural recognition

Conclusion. Toward a politics of acknowledgment.

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