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High noon : twenty global problems, twenty years to solve them

New York : Basic Books, 2002 copyright.
Descripción: xii, 241 páginas : ilustraciones

ISBN: 0465070094 (alk. paper)

It's not globalization, stupid. Two big forces. Stretching the planet to the limit: the demographic explosion. Doing everything differently: the new world economy and the two revolutions behind it. Why the new world economy is so radically different. The opportunities and stresses of the new world economy. A crisis of complexity?. Three new realities

High noon for twenty urgent global issues. A dangerous gap. A bad feeling in your stomach: unsolved globallssues la twenty globallssues, twenty years to solve them. Inherently global issues. Sharing our planet: issues involving the global commons. Sharing our humanity: issues requiring a global commitment. Sharing our rule book: issues needing a global regulatory approach

Thinking aloud-new approaches to global problem-solving. No pilot in the cockpit. Current ways of handling global issues aren't up to the job. No chance for a world government. Pointers towards solutions: networked governance. Global issues netwarks. Good things about global issues networks. Controversial aspects. Stepping back: other solutions besides global issues networks. Conclusion: imagination and a different type of thinking.

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