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Beyond Baghdad : postmodern war and peace

Mechanicsburg, PA : Stackpole Books, 2003 copyright.
Descripción: xxv, 337 páginas

ISBN: 0811700844 (pbk.)

Our future. Rolling back radical Islam. Who we fight God's real estate. Girls! Girls! Girls!. The new warrior class revisited. Hidden unities

Our wars. How Saddam won this round. This time, strike without flinching. In praise of instability. The Saudi threat. In war, soldiers die. What terror wrought. A case for killing. The real war crime. Their monument is America. A mob hit in Kabul. Iraq too tough?. Cowards' counsel. The gloves come off. The sovereignty con. Crocodile tears. Dead Americans. The limits of emotion. Patience. The war that will change the world. Revolutionary war!. Boots on the ground. Cultures in combat. Winning big. No "Baghdad bloodbath". Shock, awe, and overconfidence. Knife fight. Guts and glory. How long?. Tragedy of the Arabs. U.N. can't take the lead. Behind enemy lines. Urban warriors. On to Baghdad!. The rashomon war. Beyond baghdad. Laboratory of war. A new age of warfare. What do we do now?. The key decisions. Heroes in Iraq. The enemy's smile. Must Iraq stay whole?. Palestinian reality. Test-driving freedom. Wishful thinking. We're doing fine.

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