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The complete idiot's guide to the politics of oil

Indianapolis, IN : Alpha, 2003 copyright.
Descripción: xxi, 311 páginas : ilustraciones, mapas.

ISBN: 1592571409

Discovering the world's blood: oil's early years. From nuisance to world's prized commodity. The making of oil. The world B.P.-Before Petroleum. Dawning of the modern age. Up from the ground

Keeping the blood flowing: petroleum goes global. Oil spreads around the globe. The crude new world. The industry grows. Breaking up was hard to do. International players in oil politics. Getting our petroleum fix

Bloody wars: fighting for fuel. Making oil a national priority. Oil as a spoil of war. Battling for middle east control. Terrorism and oil

Clogging the bloodlines : policy, polities, and greed. Conservation versus exploration. Lobbying for oil. The politics of energy. Federal oil leasing policies. Playing the oil pricing game

Looking to a bloody future: will we continue to depend on oil?. Polluting problems. Fuel efficiency and renewable sources of energy. Digging deeper. Global hot spots. Getting too warm?. Crystal-ball gazing.

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