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The complete idiot's guide to understanding the brain

Indianapolis, IN : Alpha, 2002 copyright.
Descripción: xix, 340 páginas : ilustraciones

ISBN: 0028643100

The first brain. It all starts here. From stone age to sculptors. Knowledge of the brain evolves. "modem thinking"

Anatomy. The commander-in-chief. The coordinator. The real information superhighway. You've got nerve(s)

The human computer. Speak now!. Making sense of it all. Life's necessities. The body's autopilot. It's your choice

Acting out. Blackboard of the mind. The feeling brain. You've got brain

The sick brain. the computer crashes. headaches and neurological disorders. drugs and demons. crossed wiring

Treatment (couches, shocks, pills, and the knife). Say "ahh!". Trick or treatment. We're getting smarter.

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