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General equilibrium models for the chilean economy

Santiago de Chile : Banco Central de Chile, 2005.
Descripción: 440 páginas

ISBN: 9567421218

General Equilibrium Models: An overview Rómulo A. Chumacero and Klaus Schmidt- Hebbel

Response to external and inflation shocks in a small open economy Vittorio Corbo and José Tessada

The monetary transmission mechanism in Chile: a medium-sized macroeconometric model Carlos García, Pablo García, Igal Magendzo and Jorge E. Restrepo

General equilibrium dynamics of foreign shocks and policy changes in Chile Francisco A. Gallego, Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel and Luis Servén

On the determinants of Chilean economic growth Rómulo Chumacero and J. Rodrigo Fuentes

How well does a monetary dynamic equilibrium model account for chilean data? Roberto Duncan

Testing real business cycle models in an emerging economy Raphael Bergoeing and Raimundo Soto

A toolkit for analyzing alternative policies in the chilean economy Rómulo A. Chumacero

Chile's regional arrangements: the importance of market access and lowering the tariff to six percent Glenn W Harrison, Thomas F. Rutherford, and David G. Tarr

General equilibrium analysis of a fuel tax increase in Chile Raúl O'Ryan, Carlos J. De Miguel, and Sebastián Miller

Imperfect labor mobility, urban unemployment and agricultural trade reform in Chile David Holland, Eugenio Figueroa, Roberto Álvarez and John Gilbert

Labor market distortions, employment and growth: the recent chilean experience Raphael Bergoeing, Felipe Morandé, and Facundo Piguillem

Tax incentives for retirement savings: simulation results in the presence of liquidity constraints and heterogeneous consumers in an OLG-GE Model Rodrigo Cifuentes.

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