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Weblogs and libraries

Oxford, England : Chandos Publishing, 2004.
Descripción: xxiv,181 páginas : ilustraciones

ISBN: 1843340852

An overview of the weblog and blogging phenomenon. What are weblogs?. The history of weblogs. Who creates weblogs?. Types of weblogs. Common features of weblogs. Moblogging. RSS and its use in weblogs References

Weblogs as sources of current information. Weblogs as sources of information. Evaluating weblogs as sources of information. Selected weblogs: the social sciences. Selected weblogs: books and reading. Selected weblogs: news and current events. Selected weblogs: technology Other weblogs. References

Finding weblogs. It's not easy!. Directories of weblogs. Search engines for weblogs. Other strategies References

Weblogs in the field of library and information science. An overview. General library and information science weblogs. Weblogs covering specialist topics in library and information science. Weblogs created by professional associations and organizations. Weblogs created by library and information schools. Weblogs erected by individual librarians. Finding weblogs in this field. References

Weblogs created by libraries: the state of the art. Library weblogs: what the professional literature says. Investigating library weblogs. What kinds of libraries are creating weblogs?. Purposes for which libraries are creating weblogs. Content of library weblogs. How libraries are creating and maintaining their weblogs. Some examples of library weblogs. Evaluation of the library weblogs. References

Creating a weblog: the options. An overview of the options. Free weblog software options. Commercial weblog software options. 'Roll your own'. Weblog hosting: free services. Weblog hosting: commercial services. Weblog hosting: the library's own web server. Moblogging. RSS feeds. Additional features. References

Managing the library weblog. The library weblog: an overview of the management issues. Planning for the implementation of a library weblog. Identifying the potential users of the library weblog. Making decisions about content and other features. Establishing the weblog. Making decisions about and managing interactivity. Ongoing maintenance and management. Budgeting for the weblog. Promoting the weblog. Evaluating the weblog project. References

Sources of information about weblogs. Printed sources. Internet-based sources.Weblogs about weblogs and blogging.

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