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Are we on track to achieve the millennium development goals?

Washington, D.C. : Copublication of the World Bank and Oxford University Press, 2005 copyright.
Descripción: viii, 266 páginas : ilustraciones

ISBN: 0821360191

Introduction and summary François Bourguignon, Boris Pleskovie, and André Sapir

Opening addresses Jean-François Risehard, Cuy Verhofstadt [and] Mare Verwilghen

Opening speech. Global Distribution and Redistribution: A Preliminary View François Bourguignon

Keynote address. A Development Round of Trade Negotiations? Joseph E. Stiglitz and Andrew Charlton

Trade Flows. "Socially Responsible" Trade Integration: A Political Economy Perspective Thierry Verdier

Human Capital Flows. International Migration to the High-Income Countries: Some Consequences for Economic Development in the Sending Countries Robert E. B. Lucas

Capital Flows. The Globalization Process: Auto-Component Supply Chains in China and India John Sutton

Aid Flows. The Millennium Development Goals and the Monterrey Consensus: From Vision to Action Zia M. Qureshi

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