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The Reichstag : German Parliament between monarchy and federalism

Berlin : Be.Bra, 1999.
Descripción: 78,[2] páginas : ilustraciones, retratos

Parliament and parlamentarianism in Europe and Germany

The Reichstag of the German Empire

Königsplatz as the future site of the Reichstag

The first competition ...

The search for a site ...

Modest but successful-the 1882 competition

Revising the design and laying the foundation stone

The dome problem becomes an "eternal" matter for dispute

The artistic decorations and the laying of the keystone

The Reichstag as a centre of politics

The competition for an extension to the Reichstag

The Reichstag fire and the "Third Reich"

The Reichstag and the Cold War

From 1989 to the "Berlin Republic".

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