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Defining a democracy : reforming the laws on women's rights in Chile, 1990-2002


EN: Latin American politics and society. (Miami).v.47, no 3 (2005), p. 35-68.

Conceptualizing policy reform on women's rights

A typology of women's rights legislation

The influence of political institutions. Interbranch competition. Interparty competition and cooperation. Political learning by the left. Owning the bill. Rights-based or role-based?

Case studies

Role-based, nonclass bills. Protection of student mothers and pregnant students. The 1991 abortion bill

Role-based, class bills. Law 19.408: limited day care facilities for women workers

Rights-based, nonclass bills. Divorce bills

Rights-based, class bills. Bills to reform paternity laws

Policy influence through strategic framing.

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