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Innovation happens elsewhere : open source as business strategy

Amsterdam ; Morgan Kaufmann, 2005 copyright.
Descripción: xxiv, 402 páginas : ilustraciones

ISBN: 1558608893 (pbk.)

Introduction. Open source: a different way of doing business. Innovation happens elsewhere. Jumping in. Understanding open source. Communities. Who this book is intended for. Open source as business strategy

Innovation happens elsewhere. Open source is a commons. Can me commons make a difference?. The commons and software. Open versus closed. Use of the commons: creativity and conversations. Innovation happens elsewhere

What is open source?. Open source in brief. Philosophical tenets of open source. Open source and agile methodologies. Common open-source myths, misconceptions, and questions open source and community. The secret of why open source works. Variations on open source: gated communities and internal open source. Open source: why do they do it?. What is open source?

Why consider open source?. Business reasons for choosing to open source your code. Creating your business model and following through with it. Measuring success. An example: the innovation happens elsewhere strategy. Business reasons for using open-source products. Why consider open source?

Licenses. What a license does. What a license does not do. More on copyright. And a quick word on patents. The licenses. Dual licensing. Supplementing the license

contributor agreements licenses for documentation. Licenses

How to do open-source development. The infrastructure needed for an open-source project. Software life cycle. Building a community. Ending an open-source project. Joining an existing open-source project. Open source within a company. How to do open-source development

Going with open source. Deciding to do open source. How to prepare to do open source at your company. Getting approval from your company. Problems you can expect to encounter. Going with open source

How to build momentum. Marketing your project. Focus on your users and contributors. Community outreach. Harvesting innovation. Welcome the unexpected

What to avoid- known problems and failures. Not understanding open source. Don't needlessly duplicate an existing effort. Licensing issues. Design issues. Code issues. Trying to control too much. Marketing issues. Tension between an open-source project and the rest of your company. Community issues. Lack of resources. Recovering from mistakes

Closing Thoughts.

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