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The baby boomers' guide to living forever : an introduction to immortality medicine

Golden, Colorado : The Hubristic Press, 2000.
Descripción: x, 380 páginas

ISBN: 0967271207

Anti-aging medicine. The final frontier. Why every baby boomer must read this book. Why we wrote this book. Theories of aging. The three rules for living forever and the ten pillars of health

The ten pillars of health... And then some. Water, water everywhere. The yin and yang of diet. Exercising just for the health of lt. How then shall we live. Basic nutrients. "super" nutrients. Smart nutrients. Prosexual nutrients. Detoxification. Chelation therapy. Natural hormone replacment. Human growth hormone. Measuring results. Looking young forever. Financing immortality

Immortality medicine. "many are cold, but few are frozen". Tomorrow, tomorrow. First star on the left and straight on til morning.

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