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The scientific conquest of death : essays on infinite lifespans

Buenos Aires : Libros en red, 2004.
Descripción: 294 páginas

ISBN: 9875611352

Science. Biological immortality Michael R. Rose. The war on aging Aubrey de Grey. The dream of elixir vitae Joao Pedro de Magalhás. Therapeutic cloning Michael D. West. Nanomedicine Robert A. Freitas Jr. Human body version 2.0 Raymond Kurzweil. Progress toward cyberimmortality William Sims Bainbridge. Will robots inherit the earth? Marvin L. Minsky. Medical time travel Brian Wowk

Perspectives. Some ethical and theological considerations Brad F. Mellon. Superlongevity without overpopulation Max More. Emancipation from death Mike Treder. The self-defeating fantasy Eric S. Rabkin. Timeconsciousness in very long life Manfred Clynes. Confessions of a proselytizing immortalist Shannon Vyff. Some problems with immortalism Ben Best. An introduction to immortalist morality Marc Geddes. Should we fear death? Epicurean and modern arguments Russell Blackford

Resources. "Who wants to live forever?"

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