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What business really wants from IT : a collaborative guide for business directors and CIOs

Oxford : Elsevier, 2004.
Descripción: xiii, 184 páginas : diagramas

ISBN: 0750660961

Preface: What do all these people do in IT?

There is no IF' in IT. Move over the librarians Where' s the IF' in IT?. Never mind the ball, get on with the game. IT people are IT people When good words go bad. Peddaling your bicycle faster won't make it into a car

The three roles of IT in organizations. Introduction to the momentum line. Maintain business momentum. Improve business results. Pro vide aligned leadership

The new business-IT agenda. Remind me again why we outsourced!. Supply and demand. IT demand management - three roles. The three roles expanded. Everything filters through. The focus changes. If you're going to do something, try to have a reason for it. Real IT performance

Managing technology to maintain business momentum - the first pillar of IT performance. Why manage IT (as against doing IT)?. IT availability and stability. Operations and efficiency. Management of IT services benefits. Asset management. Performance, measurement and reporting. Supporting business momentum. Activities of an MBM manager

Managing business results from an IT perspective - new rules, new challenges. The unique unused gifts that IT people bring to the organization. Developing the business case and accompanying benefits statement. Achieving the benefits promised in the benefits statement. Business measures. Process management. Information content. The real life cycle of systems. Portfolio management. Step changing business

Information leaderships in the information age. The reluctant technologist. Interpreting the external inputs. Internal influence and leadership activities translating inputs into meaning and action within the organization. The hard stuff is easy, the soft stuff is hard

A matter of survival- proving the benefits of IT. What happens to costs and benefits over time?. The benefits process. Keeping it simple

Getting, keeping and using the cash - budgeting for IT. Back to the momentum of the business. Three types of IT activity mean three types of budget

Measures of IT - so me principles of measurement Measures must be linked to objectives. Measures must be understandable to the business. Measures must be communicated. Measures must result in something - they must have a reason to exist. Three IT roles equals three measurement frameworks. Measuring the performance of technology. Measuring improved business results brought about by the application of information technologies. Measuring IT leadership. Implementing measures. Communicating to the business

New IT skills and people. New skills for the three roles. IT supply skills. Maintain business momentum (MBM) skills. Improve business results (IBR) skills. Information leadership (IL) skills

Applying the model - check your mindset at the door. What changes? Governance - three types of meeting: MBM, IBR, and IL. Focus on business benefits. IT' s survival depends on measurement and reporting. Playing the three role game. People

To boldly go.... .An implementation plan. Impact analysis. Syndication. IT supply and demand. Organization changes. Strategy. IL strategy. Putting the implementation plan together

In the beginning.

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