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Making things public : atmospheres of democracy

Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 2005.
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ISBN: 0262122790

Assembling or Disassembling? : A Palaver at Tutuila Samoa, 1883. Two Photographs by Captain William A.D. Adand Elizabeth Edwards. No Politics Please Philippe Descola. On Small Devices of Thought. Concepts, Etymology and the Problem of Translation Masato Fukushima. WAl 262. A Maori "Cultural Property" Claim Amiria Henare. "This ls Not a Façade" Angela Zito. An Election in Papua New Guinea Pascale Bonnemere [and] Pierre Lemonnier. Diploma is without Portfolios. The Question of Contact with Extraterrestrial CivilizationsPierre Lagrange

Which Cosmos for Which Cosmopolitics? : Divisionem sententiae postulare. Self-laceration Bazon Brock. Good and Bad Government: Siena and Venice Giuseppe Pavanello. Sky, Heaven and the Seat of Power Simon Schaffer. The Pantheon of Brains Michael Hagner. Transforming Things. Art and Politics on the Northwest Coast Anita Herle. "Our Government as Nation" Elizabeth Edwards [and] Peter James. Dewey on the Pragmatist Good Government

The problem of Composition : Composing the Body Politic. Composite lmages and Political Representation, 1651-2004 Dario Gamboni. Seeing Double. How to Make Up a Phantom Body Politic Simon Schaffer. JJ Golan Levin. Reflections on a Table Richard Aczel, Márton Fernezelyi, Robert Koch [and] Zoltan Szegedy-Maszak. Excerpt William Shakespeare on the Parable of the Members and the Belly. lssues Spark a Public into Being. A Key But Often Forgotten Point of the Lippmann-Dewey Debate Noortje Marres. Mission lmpossible. Giving Flesh to the Phantom Public Michel Jaffrennou [and] Thierry Coduys. InterSections/ZKM. A Project Ismael Celis. Freedom for Music! lntuition and the Rule Denis Laborde. Classes, Masses, Crowds. Representing the Collective Body and the Myth of Direct Knowledge Ana Miljacki. Excerpt Thomas Hobbes on Leviathan

From Objects to Things : Of Althings! Gísli Pálsson. Thing Site, Tie, Ting Place. Venues for the Administration of Law Barbara Dolemeyer. Heidegger on Objects and Things Graham Harman. Excerpt Martin Heidegger on the Etymology of "Thing". Heidegger and the Atomic Bomb Richard Rorty. 100 Suns. Military Photography Collected by Michael Light Katrin Werner. Things as Res publicae. Making Things Public Oleg Kharkhordin. Things Chinese: On wu Angela Zito. Dewey's Transactions. From Sense to Common Sense Mara MilIs

From Laboratory to Public Proofs : Public Experiments Siman Schaffer. Disabled Persons of AlI Countries, Unite! Michel Callon. Public Evaluation and New Rules for "Human Parks" Bernard Reber. Circulations. A Virtual Laboratory and Its Elements Henning SChmidgen, Hans-Jorg Rheinberger. Shell Things under Water. E.J. Marey's Aquarium Laboratory and Cinema's Assembly Hanna Rose. Wall of Science Peter Galison [and] Robb Moss. Making Electrons Public Pablo Jensen. "Actions of Interest" in Surgical Simulators Inge Hinterwaldner. Making Collaboration Networks Visible Andrei Mogoutov, Alberto Cambrosio [and] Peter Keating. Making Science and Technology Results Public. A Sociology of Demos Claude Rosental

"The Great Pan Is Dead!" :¡Viva la República Cósmica! or The Children of Humboldt and Coca-Cola John Tresch. Polanyi on Dogs Eat Dogs or the Fable of Sociobiology Excerpt Karl. "Sheep Do Have Opinions" Vinciane Despret. Wolves in the Valley. On Making a Controversy Public Isabelle Mauz [and] Julien Gravelle. About Pigs Jocelyne Porcher [and] Thierry Schweitzer. Chicken for Shock and Awe: War on Words Donna Haraway. What Is It Like to Be Face to Face with a Great Ape? Chris S. Herzfeld. The Obelisks of Stockholm Petra Adolfsson. Coastal Environment Made Public. Notes from the Field Werner Krauss

Reshuffling Religious Assemblies : Reforming the Assembly Joseph Leo Koerner. Arguing with Heretics? Colloquiums, Disputations and Councils in the Sixteenth Century Olivier Christin. Dominican Constitutions Christophe Boureux. Interfaith Celebrations, a New Rite? Anne-Sophie Lamine. An Assembly of Humans, Shells and Gods Patricia de Aquino

The parliaments of Nature : Galileo's Traveling Circus of Science Mario Biagioli. Rhine Streaming Matthias Gommel. River Sentinels. Finding a Mouth for the Lot River Christelle Gramaglia. Water Parliaments: Some Examples Jean-Pierre Le Bourhis. River Landscaping in Second Modernity Cordula Kropp. The Lottery of the Sea. A Film in Progress Allan Sekula. The Path of Milk Cornel Bierens. Milky Way Viestarts Gailitis. Excerpt Conference of the Birds by Farid ud-Din Attar

Which Assembly for Those Assemblages? : The Detroit Industry Murals. Diego Rivera (1886-1957) Valérie Pihet. The Politics of Water. A Dutch Thing to Keep the Water Out or Not Wiebe E. Bijker. A Building Is a "Multiverse" Albena Yaneva. The Architectural Thing. The Making of "Making Things Public" Nikolaus Hirsch [and] Michel Müller. The Glory of Tournai Guillawne Monsaingeon. Who Is Minding the Bridges? (A Personal Inquiry) Bojidar Yanev

Follow the Paper-Trails : The Common Place of Law. Transforming Matters of Concern into the Objects of Everyday Life Susan S. Silbey [and] Ayn Cavicchi. Public International Indigenes Philippe Geslin [and] Ellen Hertz. The People of Karlsruhe.Jochen Gerz's Constitutional Rights Square Angelika Stepken. The Notebook: A Paper-Technology Anke te Heesen Removing Knowledge Peter Galison. Blocking Things Public Peter Galison [and] Robb Moss. The Image, between Res privata and Res communis Laurent Pfister, Anne-Genevieve Hakim [and] Fréderique André-Rafatjah

What I s Political in Political Economy? : An Artificial Being Richard Powers. The Stock Ticker Alex Preda. Listening to the Spread Plot Daniel Beunza [and] Fabian Muniesa. This Announcement Appears as a Matter of Record Only! Notes on The New Germany Found Inc - Universalia Non Realia Sed Nomina Ecke Bonk. Releasing Market Statistics Emmanuel Didier. Capitalism Cartograms and World Government Bureau d' etudes. Publicizing Goldilocks' Choice at the Supermarket. The Political Work of Shopping Packs, Carts and Talk Franck Cochoy [and] Catherine Grandclément-Chaffy. The Creators of the Shopping Worlds Harun Farocki. Cuddly We Are the Children Guillaume Paris. The Parliament of Fashion Pauline Terreehorst, Gerard de Vries. Questions of Taste Antoine Hennion, Genevieve Teil [and] Frédéric Vergnaud

The Political Aesthetic of Reason : Hard Facts Lorraine Daston. Paint/Print/Public Lisa Pon. The Evidence of Phryne, or Phryne Stripped Bare by Rhetoric Even Barbara Cassin. Humanization of Knowledge Through the Eye Frank Hartmann. Democratic Socialism, Cybemetic Socialismo Making the Chilean Economy Public Eden Medina. Science in the Age of Sensibility Jessica Riskin Political Aesthetics. Image and Form in Contemporary Dutch Spatial Politics Emilie Gomart. Public Experiments. On Several Productions of Bertolt Brecht's "The Life of Galileo" Frédérique Ait-Touati

Parliamentary Technologies

Re: Public Robert Koch. The Circle of Discussion and the Semicircle of Criticism Jean-Philippe Heurtin. Excerpt Abbé Sieyes on the Infinite Parliament. Stranded Bodies of Democracy. Cases from the Indian Himalayas Nicolas Yazgi. How to Make a Still Picture Speak and Walk. The Fabulous Destiny of a Gandhi Follower Emmanuel Grimaud. Parliamentary Public Ludger Schwarte. Designing the Agon. Questions on Architecture, Space, Democracy and "the Political" Teresa Hoskyns. Some Reflections on an Agonistic Approach to the Public Chantal Mouffe. Centers Don't Have to Be Points. Politics beyond State Boundaries Ash Amin, Nigel Thrift, Helen Baker [and] Doreen Massey. Voting Machinery, Counting and Public Proofs in the 2000 US Presidential Election Michael Lynch, Stephen Hilgartner [and] Carin Berkowitz. Dark Source. Public Trust and the Secret at the Heart of the New Voting Machines Ben Rubin. Spin. A Documentary on Political Media Brian Springer. Tuming Public Discourse into an Authentic Artifact: Shorthand Transcription in the French National Assembly Delphine Gardey. The Power of Representation: Parliaments of North Mrica and the Middle East Jean-NoiH Ferrié [and] Baudouin Dupret. Legible Mob Christian Nold

A Search for Eloquence : Excerpt Jean de La Fontaine on the Power of Fables. Managing Evidence Barbara Cassin. Excerpt Jonathan Swift on the Tricky Art of Conversation. Pindices Andrew Barry [and] Lucy Kimbell. Communiculture Futurefarmers. BEcomING COLLECTIVE The Constitution of Audience as an Interactional Process Lorenza Mondada. Excerpt Bertolt Brecht on How Dictators Learn Their Rhetoric from Shakespeare. The Chorus in Opera. Concocting Common Sense Laura Naudeix. Getting Together in Cinema Cyrille Latour. Narrative Device IV Tom Fürstner. Borderdevice(s) Multiplicity. Xperiment! What Is a Body a Person? Topography of the Possible. Fair Assembly Steve Dietz. Blogs. The New Public Forum - Private Matters, Political Issues, Corporate Interests Sabine Hinunelsbach. Recipe for Tracing the Fate of Issues and Their Publics on the Web Noortje Marres, Richard Rogers. The Chronofile-Society Margit Rosen

New Political passions'? : Atmospheric Politics Peter Sloterdijk. Instant Democracy: The Pneumatic Parliament@ Peter Sloterdijk [and] Gesa Mueller von der Haegen. I Am a Revolutionary, 2001 Everything You've Heard Is Wrong Carey Young. Lungs: Slave Labour Harwood/ Mongrel. Allegories of the Political Thomas Locher. MapHub: HEARD and MapMover Carbon Defense League. Agonistics: A Language Came Warren Sack. The Fate of Art in the Age of Terror Boris Groys. The Trials of the World - a Fiction Dominique Linhardt. Still Life Homi K. Bhabha. The Tragedy of Minamata. Sit-in and Face-to-Face Discussion Paul Jobin. The Cosmopolitical Proposal Isabelle Stengers. Excerpt Herm.!{09C5}{0102}{9740}]a{017F}

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