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Blueprint for action : a future worth creating

New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2005.
Descripción: xix, 440 páginas

ISBN: 0399153128

What the world needs now: Understanding the seam between war and peace. A department for what lies between war and peace. Barnett's A-to-Z rule set on processing politically bankrupt states

Winning the war through connectedness: Connecting the middle east to the world. Creating the new rule set on global terrorism

Growing the core by securing the east: Locking in china at today's prices. In the future, Americas most important allies will be new core states. The train's engine can travel no faster than its caboose

Shrinking the gap by ending disconnectedness: The coming choices. Tipping points in the journey from the gap to the core. Essential building blocks for shrinking the gap from within

We have met the enemy. . .the resumption of history and the latest enemy. The convergence of civilizations. A world made one. . .or just nonzero

Conclusion: he roe s yet discovered.

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