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An anatomy of power : the social theory of Michael Mann

Cambridge, UK : Cambridge University, 2006.
Descripción: ix, 409 p. : il.

ISBN: 0521850002

Introduction: the IEMP model and its critics Ralph Schroeder

Mann's transformation of the classic sociological traditions Randall Collins

Political questions John A. Hall

Mann's microfoundations: addressing neo-Weberian dilemmas Edgar Kiser

Grand, yet grounded: ontology, theory, and method in Michael Mann's historical sociology Joseph Bryant

Mann's theory of ideological power: sources, applications and elaborations Philip S. Gorski

Political power un-manned: a defence of the Holy Trinity from Mann's military attack Gianfranco Poggi

Mann, the state and war John M. Hobson

Infrastructural power, economic transformation, and globalization Linda Weiss

From theory to history: 'The European Dynamic' or feudalism to capitalism? Robert Brenner

The rise of the West Stephan R. Epstein

A historical, not comparative, method: breakthroughs and limitations in the theory and methodology of Michael Mann's analysis of power Jack A. Goldstone

The 'British' sources of social power: reflections on history, sociology, and intellectual biography Frank Trentmann

Networks and ideologies: the fusion of 'is' and 'ought' as a means to social power Jack Snyder

Mann's dark side: linking democracy and genocide David Laitin

The sources of social power revisited: a response to criticism Michael Mann.

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