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Women in parliament : beyond numbers

Stockholm, Sweden : Idea, 2005.
Descripción: 265 p. : diagrs.

ISBN: 9185391190

Introduction Julie Ballington. An Approach to Democracy: Why Include Women?. A Decade On: Incremental Progress the World Over. About This Handbook. Outline of the Handbook. The Future Agenda

The Issues and the Obstacles. Obstacles to Women's Participation in Parliament Nadezhda Shvedova. Political Obstacles. Socio-Economic Obstacles. Ideological and Psychological Hindrances

Overcoming Obstacles. Enhancing Women's Political Participation: Legislative Recruitment and Electoral Systems Richard E. Madand. The Legislative Recruitment Process and its impact on Women. The Effect of Electoral Systems on Womens Representation. Lessons for Expanding Womens Representation. Increasing Women's Political Representation: New Trends in Gender Quotas Drude Dahlerup. What are Quotas?. Quotas: Pros and Cons. The World of Quotas. The Implementation of Quotas

Making an impact. Women in Parliament: Making a Difference Azza Karam and Joni Lovenduski. Making Inroads in Parliament. Learning the Rules. Using the Rules. Changing the Rules Criteria for Measuring Success. Strategies to Enhance Impact. Conclusions: Azza Karam. The Issues and the Obstacles. Overcoming Obstacles. Making an Impact. International Efforts. The Road Ahead.

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