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Democracy, crime and justice


EN: The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.(Philadelphia, PA.).Vol. 605 (mayo 2006), 338 p.

Democracy, Crime, and Justice Susanne Karstedt and Gary LaFree

Democracy and Crime: A Multilevel Analysis of Homicide Trends in. Forty-Four Countries, 1950-2000 Gary LaFree and Andramachi Tseloni Democracy, Values, and Violence: Paradoxes, Tensions, and Comparative Advantages of Liberal inclusion Susanne Karstedt

Democratization and Political Change as Threats to Collective Sentiments: Testing Durkheim in Russia William Alex Pridemore and Sang- Weon Kim Democracy and lntellectual Property: Examining Trajectories of Software Piracy Nicole Leeper Piquero and Alex R. Piquera

War Crimes, Democracy, and the Rule of Law in Belgrade, the Former Yugoslavia, and Beyond John Hagan and Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovic

Law and Order in an Emerging Democracy: Lessons from the Reconstruction of Kosovo's Police and Justice Systems Jeremy M. Wilson

The Right to Unionize, the Right to Bargain, and the Right to Democratic Policing Monique Marks and Jenny Fleming

Policing, Recognition, and Belonging Ian Loader

Policing Uncertainty: Countering Terror through Community Intelligence and Democratic Policing Martin Innes

Civil Democracy, Perceived Risk,and Insecurity in Brazil: An Extension of the Systemic Social Control Modelo Corinne Davis Rodrigues

Public Opinion and the Governance of Punishment in Democratic Political Systems Franklin E. Zimring and David T. Johnson Citizenship, Democracy, and the Civic Reintegration of Criminal Offenders Christopher Uggen, Jeff Manza and Melissa Thompson

Democracy and Criminal Justice in Cross-National Perspective: From Crime Control to Due Process Hung-En Sung.

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